Lovely Dovey + Merlin Photo ID

Doves are remarkable birds, they have come to symbolize love, divinity, hopefulness and grace. Their soft lulling coos, sweet churbles and downy wurbles have enchanted us all at some point or the other.… Continue reading

Nearctic-Neotropical Migration

It’s that time of year when neotropical migratory birds, sometimes called nearctic-neotropical migrants begin migrating south to the tropical regions of Mexico, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean (“neotropics”) for the winter.… Continue reading

World Shorebirds Day!!!!

Well it’s World Shorebirds Day and I was going to post my final bird observation but I would first like to take this opportunity to place some emphasis to these two Audubon articles:… Continue reading

Global Shorebird Counting: Day 2

I didn’t get around to going to the beach …. booooo! But in other news: today is International Vulture Awareness Day so yay for Vultures.

Global Shorebird Counting: Day 1 – Sandpipers for days

I checked out two spots today: a mangrove reserve and a mudflat. The Mangrove Reserve The mangrove reserve was a bit disappointing because it was a really, really, really long hike and there wasn’t… Continue reading

Global Shorebird Counting

Do you live anywhere close to the water? Are there shorebirds? Then drop everything and get out on September 4th – 6th, 2015 and count those birds. Be apart of the Global Shorebird… Continue reading

The friendly neighbourhood flock

There are several flocks of birds that wander through my neighbourhood but my favourite by far is the friendly flock of Smooth-billed Anis (Crotophaga ani) commonly called ‘Old Witch’ in Guyana because of… Continue reading

Practice, practice and more practice

I haven’t done much birding this week, actually I haven’t done any birding this week. What I have done is practiced with my manual lens and I’m very excited with the results. Basically… Continue reading

The joys of college + an unusual sighting

Yes! I’m alive. I’m actually on vacation from my University, a stunningly long vacation of ONE WEEK! So I’ve been spending most of it sleeping, stressing about the fact that I have one… Continue reading

Expecting the unexpected

I have an exam this week so haven’t been able to pick up my camera much, that being said I still go running like a crazy person every time I hear a strange call… Continue reading