It’s been a hectic couple of days but I did find time to work on some videos. The first video I filmed last week during my trip to the beach and it felt quite disappointing – you can see for yourself

The birds are Laughing Gulls, which I have covered in a blog post, and a combination of Common Terns and Arctic Terns which I have not blogged about as yet. I actually have several species to do from that day but haven’t gotten around to editing the photos – blame college for sucking up all my time. I quickly learnt that my super long lens makes videos really shaky and I’ll have to invest in a tripod sooner or later, so you guys can just click up on those ads and expedite the process (lol). The next one I tried was of a Blue-grey Tanager, I really hope to film one of them raiding the garden soon.

Tropical Kingbird was my next model, I might be posting a lot of videos of him in the future because he sits so nicely on the branches allowing me to practice.

Another willing model was a Pale-breasted Thrush who willingly posed for a good while.

My final video is a Lesser Kiskadee which I haven’t written about because I haven’t gotten any images of it that I liked as yet.

I hope you guys liked the videos, I would love to hear your thoughts on them and remember to subscribe to my YouTube channel to get new birding videos 🙂